This is my first post, and without a doubt, the hardest one. Because really, if you look at the other tabs on this site, parenting (sometimes, in heels), can knock the socks off ya, even when you’re not wearing any – this heat!  (seriously!)

While having a career and picking out an outfit can be challenging, the feeling you get when you do get it right, has nothing on the feeling when your parenting’s on point. (According to my daughter, of course)

H enjoying a Sunday babychino with her dad :)
H enjoying a Sunday babychino with her dad 🙂

Three and a half years is a long time, especially when there’s been a pregnancy, a birth, the first day of school, the first day of school in the following year, four parties (three birthdays, one panty party – don’t ask!),  five surgeries (that’s a post on its own).

My story is a long one, and I hesitated starting this blog, because I was not sure how I’d get the important (and gross) stuff across in writing. (I’m a better verbal story teller, I think).

Then last night, while in the shower it hit me: someone (very dear to me) did this for me!!!

The job’s been done!!!

Mandy-Lee Miller, owner at Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After, writer, blogger and brand consultant, wrote about my pregnancy, birth, career and family. Not many people know me the way she does, so if we’re starting anywhere, it’s right here.


Most of you may have already read it, if not, give it a read over your morning cup of coffee (or three) and feel free to leave any comments below.

Thank you for reading!

Shaf x