I started running this week, after avoiding exercise for over a year. Running after my three year old constituted as my daily workout, but last week I was told to start practicing. I started last week Friday and ran for 2.06km, Monday I did 2.06km, and yesterday I managed to push a little harder and covered 3.66km. My personal trainer graced me with a break today. Zahraa, who happens to be my office assistant, is a half-marathon runner and a beast on the track, with over 500 medals under her belt. Tomorrow we’re on for 4km.

(You can now feel sorry for me)

Zahraa and I after our first run on Monday. My eyes were sweating.
Zahraa and I after our first run on Monday. My eyes were sweating.

I don’t usually just wake up and decide that I’m going to get fit or eat healthy – there’s always something specific that kicks off this phase, which I manage to carry through until winter arrives and all I can see are doughnuts and my bed.

So what happened? My daughter’s Sports Day taking place in March.

She’s three, and her school holds a fundraising Sports Day every year (this being her second year). Parents get to join in on the fun by participating in a moms or dads race. I enjoyed running and competed in athletics, from primary school, all the way to Matric, so I jumped at the opportunity to get involved last year, and this year will be no different. My daughter made me practice, at home in the passageway, outside in the yard, at her ma’s house, just about any where.

Niyaaz often says that I take it too far, sometimes, but I thoroughly enjoy competing and if I need to kick-start my exercise plan using her Sports Day as my motivation, then that’s what I’ll do…and did.

Last year, she was in red house, and we made:

  • pom-poms for cheering
  • we had ‘Hanaan’ stickers made to add to our red t-shirts
  • my brother (her uncle) had her name on the front of his car
  • both Hanaan’s grandmothers ran the granny race 🙂
  • I ran the moms race (and won)
  • her dad was off to a good start in the dads race, but took a fall 😀 (and he thought practicing was unnecessary)
Last year's Sports Day. Hanaan was red house.
Last year’s Sports Day. Hanaan was red house. Left is my mom, supporting her grandchild and bottom right is my brother’s car with Hanaan’s name on the front.

When we support, we don’t do it half way. Just like competing in any race, it’s 110%, and that’s what I do as a supporter and a mom. I give it my all.

Watch the video of the mom race I competed in last year! Go Red house!

Yes, you can hear Niyaaz laughing at the face I pull when I’m in it to win it!

This year, she says she’s in Green house, but we won’t start making any supporting material just yet, until her parent/teacher notebook reveals the correct colour house, cause that would be embarrassing.

By Friday, I’m hoping to cover 15km for the week. Also, Zahraa has decided to sign me up for the Slave Route Challenge fun run (5km). Who knows, this may just become my thing….

If you have any tips for a first time runner, let me know in the comments section, please 🙂 Someone told me about carbo-loading before a big race…I like that. If you have tips like THAT to share, hit me up!