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I’ll share my fashion finds and their stories (yes, clothing and shoes have stories) as I make my way through the place I call home, Cape Town.

GOSH Primer Plus+ – review


It’s been a while since I’ve written. Things have been quite busy, and that’s the long and short of it, really.

I received my GOSH Primers Plus a while ago and wanted to share my experience with you.


Before using the GOSH primer, I used the Yardley Line Minimizer Primer, which I found to be good value for money, easy to apply and compact enough to carry around in just about any purse I own. I stopped using it when I received my new primer, and tested the GOSH Primer Plus+ for five days. A good primer covers, minimizes, and conceals, and creates a base for your make-up. I don’t wear primer often, but when I started using the Gosh Primer Plus+ and started mixing a bit into my foundation before I applied my make-up, I found that the look lasted much longer.


Gosh Primer Plus+ is very silky and applies just like a moisturizer, without any tightness. My make-up tends to last longer, and wipes off easily at the end of the day. It really does create that barrier between your face and the make-up.

I would suggest using this product for normal and dry skin types. Oily skin may come off a bit shinier after this product. Maybe you have oily skin and this worked for you? Let me know.

You can get the GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration from Edgars for R240.

It’s worth a try!





My new hair – and win R100 off your visit!

I’ve been working crazy hours these past few weeks, which is why I haven’t posted anything lately. I had a few people asking me what I had done at the stylist over the weekend, so I thought I’d share a few images and give you, my readers, a little something. 

Fagmieda from FD Hair Design in Thornton is my go-to girl. She is amazing and has her fair share of awards to show for it. I left the entire process in her hands, literally, and I said do what you think works. If you know me, you’ll know I usually have control over everything.

She cut my hair into a wild pixie style, added colour, some highlights, threw in a treatment and then styled my hair.


The result:


To help keep my look without losing its moisture, she got me the Indola Glamour shampoo and conditioner/treatment w/Argan oil. I have not tried this one yet, but will be sure to let you know once I do.


If you’d like R100 off your visit to FD Hair Design in Thornton Road, Cape Town, here’s what you need to do:

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I will be choosing two readers by the end of March, so stay tuned.

Note: You can contact Fagmieda on Whatsapp via +27 83 550 1912 for your appointments. (tell her I sent you).




Basic make-up to compliment any look

Just last year, I had a basic make-up bag, big enough to comfortably house four pads. There was a lipstick, lip ice, eyeliner and blusher. Fast forward a few months and I now have a basic bag, bigger than my husband’s lunch bag.

IMG_3676.jpg- cover

Here are some of my favourite items: 


Yardley’s Loose Bronzing Powder in Sunset Kisses: This is a tricky product, but can be truly effective if used correctly. I apply this very sparingly to my brush, and sweep across my cheekbones in an outward motion. I then use the rest of the powder, left on the brush, to go over the bridge of my nose and my chin. This I got at a steal for R60 at a hidden cosmetic store, which I’ll reveal further down in this post…keep reading!


STAY Blushed! by Rimmel London: This is a liquid tint blush, which leaves a glowy finish without too much of a shine. I have them in Peach Flush and Touch of Berry. They cost about R40 each. I do prefer the powder blush but these are great to add for a bolder, more shimmery look. It also feels really smooth and applies like a lotion.


Blush and bronzer: I love my Yardley bronzer in 01 Golden. This I use as base after I’ve moisturised. It’s quite subtle so I apply it quite liberally to my cheeks and the outline of my face for a soft, golden tone. I also have the Colours Limited Blusher/Bronzer duo set in Poker Face from Foshini, which only cost around R30 on sale but I have to go with the Yardley brand here. The Colours Limited brand’s bronzer is great, but the blusher is a bit too bright for me. It leaves an almost pale pink tone to my skin, so when I use them, I blend the two for a more neutral shade. I also love my Yardley Stayfast Velvet Blusher in Sherry Sparkle and the Ralo blusher in Tawny Rose. Both these blushers are the closest I’ve found to a perfect shade for my skin.


Lipsticks: I love brights, nudes and all colours in between. I picked up my favourites from that same store (details below) for R200. Yes! for all of them. The ones I currently have in my hand bag are Rimmel London in Amethyst Shimmer 260 and Shocking Pink 220; Bourjois Paris in 122 (red) and 101 (coral);  and a Yardley Supermoist in Coral Passion. I love using Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Cherry Me (bought at Checkers) as an undercoat to all of them. I find that if I use it under, instead of over, I never get clumps.


Face Mist (Vitamin E) from The Body Shop: It costs around R130 and will last a very long time, since you only need one spray after applying your make-up. Even when I’m not wearing any make-up, I find that a spray before I leave home helps, especially during summer. It’s very refreshing and I love the smell (Rosewater).


While there’s lots more in my make-up bag, I think these are my favourites for now. I’ll be sure to share more of my buys with you as I make my way through my unused handbags, where I’m sure I’ll find heaps more. Going through my bags is like a shopping trip without spending the money 😀

Oh, before I forget, the cosmetic store I spoke about earlier is called Cosmetic XS: Unit 5, Block A, Cnr. Celie & Bark Roads, Tokai. Tel: 021 701 3221- when you stop by, let me know what you find, and send me a thank you note, because you’ll want to 😉

Thank you for reading!



An undefined style

FotorCreated Fash

I never quite understood the term ‘he’/she has no style’. Even if you’re in your birthday suit, that’s a style. At least that’s what I think.

I’m influenced by patterns and textures that catch my eye, not necessarily the season’s hottest trends. I’m more of a whatever the hell I like and feel comfy in kinda gal. 

My treasured pieces: 

  • I love the headscarf. I’m not always in it, but I enjoy experimenting with different ways in which to wrap it. I’ve got about 15 styles covered – excuse the pun. I’m hoping to do a tutorial about that in the near future, and also a post on the real reason I cut my hair (Delayed shock! for those of you who don’t already know)
  • I have recently added watches to my collection of accessories. I have not worn a watch in 10 years, (mainly due to the fact that I develop instant eczema if it’s not gold, and can’t justify spending money on gold watches to go with every outfit.) Also, I don’t like time-tracking – I try to do what I’m meant/like to do, without time constraints. For work-related projects with tight deadlines, I’ve always just used the time on my laptop/phone.
  • Shoes. Okay…now this should be a post on its own. I may, or may not, own “enough” (my husband would go with the last word). Wedges (incl. wedged sneakers), stilettos, boots, flats, you name it. I love ’em all.
  • Jeans. While I’m loving palazzo pants, dresses and skirts at the moment, I have to at least see my jeans in my closet every day. My favourite pair is my 7 for All Mankind jeans from the States. The fit is great and it probably made the list because before last year, I could not fit into them since before my pregnancy.

I shop around and never feel like I have to spend loads to feel and look good. I buy from chain stores; markets, designer stores, and pop-up stores.

I’ll do a post on some of my recent buys, including prices and quality.

P.S I am not a stylist, self-proclaimed or otherwise, I just enjoy playing around. I do have a brain though, so if you have a question, comment, or rant, go right ahead. You can even find my email on my Contact page here.

Shaf (It’s ALMOST Fash [short for Fashion, duh!] spelt backwards….ALMOST)





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